In SPIE Elektrovod work becomes our mission.  

We are proud of our knowledge, abilities, proficiency and professional approach.  

Latest news

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  • SAG Group CEO change  

  • SAG Group Business Report 2013 available 


Employment and Human Resource Policy

Employees of our company are thoroughly selected based on their knowledge, skills, eligibility and personal ability in respect of requirements for the corresponding position.

Our staff is expected to be:

  • professional,
  • hardworking,
  • reliable and working independently,
  • work-time flexible,
  • loyal to the company 

Our priority is to ensure appropriate working conditions for our staff and a friendly working team environment. We support their professional growth and development of their skills. Good quality work carried out by each worker is highly appreciated and in terms of personnel care we offer several social benefits.

Our employees are offered:

  • strong company background,
  • self-realization and personnel growth possibilities,
  • stimulating system of remuneration and social benefits,
  • compensation packages corresponding to importance of the position and working effort

Do you wish to be a part of SPIE Elektrovod?

If you are interested please contact our personnel department.

Contact person

  • Ing. Juraj Ivasuk
    Human Resources Manager
    SPIE Elektrovod

    Prievozská 4C
    824 66 Bratislava 26

    Phone:+421 2-502 51 600
    Fax:+421 2-529 51 679