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Company history: started up in 1949...

On 1 July 1949 the state-owned enterprise ELEKTROSTAV was established.

It was the general supplier of building-assembly services for steam and water power plants, heating plants, switchyards and high-voltage transmission lines. It predominantly focused on large power engineering works.

On 1 January 1950 the state-owned enterprise ELEKTROVOD was established in Žilina.

It comprised the construction of overhead electric high-voltage transmission lines.
These two enterprises became later a part of Elektrovod.

Up to 1994 Elektrovod went through various modifications in the scope of state mid-level managing units.

It was ensuring complex transmission systems from generator terminals up to 110 kV and 220 kV transmission lines. After launching a superior distribution system, it was supplying also 400 kV lines. Since 1963 it had been the general designer of outdoor extra high voltage lines.

On 23 September 1994, Elektrovod was transformed into the new joint-stock company - Elektrovod Bratislava, a.s.

It started up building the quality system according to the standard STN EN ISI 9001 and according to the environmental management in terms of the standard ISO 14001. 

In December 2001, the company Elektrovod Bratislava was replaced by two new companies - Elektrovod Holding, a.s. and Elektrovod BA, a.s. 

Apart from this, the company added to its offer energy audits, public lighting administration and other services.

A year later - in July 2002 - a change of ownership took place. The company Severomoravská energetika, a.s. with its registered address in Ostrava acquired the 50% ownership share. Elektrovod Holding, a.s. thereby became a member of SME group. The second half of the shares remained in the hands of the staff company Elvod, a.s. In 2008, this company gained the remaining 50% of the company shares.

At the beginning of 2010, Elektrovod Holding, a.s. became a member of the SAG group.

The company SAG International GmbH became the only owner with 100% of shares owned. In May 2011, the name Elektrovod Holding, a.s. was changed to the name of SAG Elektrovod , a. s.

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