We are the responsible partner for any challenge.  

SPIE Elektrovod offers high quality services verified by long-term experiences.  

SPIE Elektrovod


Board of Directors

Chairman Mr. Ralf Keil
Member Mr. Tomáš Malatinský
Member Mr. Milan Ferenc
Member Mr. Gabriel Szalay

Supervisory Board

Chairman Mr. Konrad Kreuzer
Member Mr. Róbert Pastelák
Member Mr. Sven Behrend

Executive Management

Chief Executive Officer Mr. Gabriel Szalay
Chief Operating Officer Mr. Milan Ferenc
Chief Financial Officer Mr. Gabriel Szalay
Electrical Assembly Division Mr. Milan Ferenc
Transmission Lines Division Mrs. Renáta Považanová

SAG Group

SPIE SAG Group Executive Committee

Markus Holzke

Chief Executive Officer