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Integrated Management System Policy

SPIE Elektrovod, a.s. is a company with the longtime tradition of successfully involving in the power engineering industry that is, with its activities, targeting and providing complex services in its business and in the scope of 

  • distribution grid lines from 22 kV to 110 kV
  • overhead transmission lines 220 kV and 400 kV
  • outdoor and indoor switchyards and substations from 6 kV to 400 kV
  • electric parts of energy equipment (power stations, heating plants, industrial enterprises of the heavy industry, chemistry etc.)
  • electric parts of technology units including control and alarm systems, measurement and control systems
  • optoelectronic telecommununication routes and networks
  • civil engineering & building construction in the field of power engineering, industrial and civil construction
  • electrical installation works in mines, tunnels and other buildings of the mining industry
  • with regard to developing other services in power engineering industry, the complex service of the power engineering segment is carried out as supply contracts, energy audits, operating the specified technical equipment on the extra-high voltage level

Strategic objectives of the company are as follows:

  • to retain its position on the domestic market
  • to expand its position on foreign markets
  • to penetrate into new market segments
  • to maintain competitiveness
  • to ensure employment stability
  • to keep on improving the implemented management systems
  • to keep on building the positive image of the company

Executive management of the company following the implemented quality management systems (ISO 9001), environmental management system (ISO 14001), occupational health safety assurance system (OHSAS 18001) and welding quality management system (ISO 3834-2) is determining the following basic principles of the integrated management system that are binding for all employees of the company:

Customer Focus

to keep on improving the customers’ satisfaction by ensuring complexity, quality and flexibility of provided products.

Employees Satisfaction

to form a proper workplace, to implement new stimulative tools to motivate people, to continually improve the evaluation and remuneration system, to enhance educational programs, to implement attractive social programs, to focus on employment stability during the period of a financial and economy crisis.

Product Quality

to assure the high quality of the offered products in compliance with the customers’ requirements, to promptly respond to their needs, to seek further possibilities how to improve both the quality and technological processes by applying new trends in implementation of new technologies.

Environmental Protection

to keep on monitoring the impact of the company’s activities on the environment and to ensure conditions in order to minimize the potential negative impact, in particular to take preventive actions protecting the environment, to thoroughly follow the legal regulations.

Occupational Health & Safety

to carry out thorough monitoring of the workplace and conditions in terms of occupational health and safety prevention, keep on increasing awareness of employees in relation to the safe work principles, to follow and meet the national legal requirements and to dedicate time to this issues in the internal magazine.


to utilize the implemented tools for internal communication on all managing levels, to continually ensure appropriate conditions for public relations, to keep people informed about important actions of the company in an internal magazine and to regularly update the website.


to develop collaboration with suppliers, to maintain a required communication level and to assess the quality of the products, to consider their awareness towards principles of the occupational health and safety and the environmental protection.

Continual Improvement

to continually maintain and improve the implemented management systems in terms of requirements of the relevant standards, to carry out regular examinations and on this basis to seek further possibilities for the future development.

Management Responsibility

The top management of the company is committed to meet the standards requirements in the field of implemented management systems and to continually improve their effectiveness.

Ing. Alexander Kšiňan


Ing. Jozef Vido, CSc.

Head of Quality management


17. 08. 2014

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