We meet any specific demands.  

For SPIE Elektrovod the most important aspect is the customer.  

Supply and installation

  • construction parts of switchyards and substations supplies for every power voltage system
  • construction parts supplies for any other power engineering facilities
  • functional buildings for power engineering and industrial facilities
  • environmental structures and facilities of switchyards and substations, sewage plants, oil-insulating elements for transformer locations
  • switchyards and substations grounding
  • cable underground routes, cable shafts, cable guards
  • production and storage halls and open areas
  • sewage tanks for water contaminated with oil products
  • sewer systems for sewage, industrial and oil contaminated water
  • demolition and renovation works, repairing building structures
  • terrain works, road network
  • outdoor ligthing
  • switchyards and substations fencing
  • heating, air-conditioning system, water piping, electrical installation in common operation buildings

Contact person

  • Ing. Milan Ferenc, PhD.
    Director of Electrical Assembly Division
    SPIE Elektrovod

    Prievozská 4C
    824 66 Bratislava 26

    Phone:+421 2-502 51 400
    Fax:+421 2-529 61 820