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Construction of overhead transmission lines

  • construction of electric power lines HV and EHV as from 22kV to 400 kV - on wooden, concrete, screwed truss, respectively welded or protected zinc-coated towers
  • renovations, repair and maintenance of electric transmission lines
  • renovations of electric lines by reinforcing or replacing parts of structures
  • modular provisional towers system - using the technology of temporary connections without power supply cut-off during renovating action at voltage levels 110 kV, 220 kV, and 400 kV
  • installation of optical telecommunication routes by means of assembling combined grounding cables (with optical fibers), winding self-supporting optical cables including connecting optical cables to systems in distributors, optical fibers assembly in phase conductors
  • diagnostics of electric power transmission lines
  • measuring optical communication routes (reflectometry, direct method, chromatic dispersion, polarization mode dispersion)
  • construction of aerial and meteorological towers
  • supplying zinc-coated steel structures, conductors, combined grounding cables, optical cables, all types of insulators, out-doors lines fittings, special paint coats and other components
  • commissioning
  • technical engineering inspections and testing electric power lines
  • warranty and post-warranty service

Construction Works

  • foundation structures for electric lines EHV

Contact person

  • Tibor Kovalik
    Director of Transmission Lines Division
    SPIE Elektrovod

    Prievozská 4C
    824 66 Bratislava 26

    Phone:+421 2-502 51 133