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Special activities

Our company offers you in addition to its core services also further special services:

Electric grid protection

  • designs for setting electrical protection equipment
  • short-circuit ratio analysis of power lines
  • parameterization and configuration of electrical protection equipment
  • secondary and primary testing the electrical protection equipment and commissioning
  • inspection of the protection equipment

Diagnostics and measurement

  • of electrical units including higher harmonic ones corresponding to European standards
  • electric power consumption
  • active and idle power
  • temporary actions in the electric power networks
  • starting current of generators and engines
  • stand-by mode in power stations
  • complex analysis of the electric power network in power stations and industrial facilities

Conception, analysis, calculation

calculations for dimensioning high voltage and extra-high voltage substations and designs
» of rope, pipe and belt connection
» of grounding equipment
» of assembly tables of overhead line conductors

calculations for extra-high voltage, medium voltage electrical lines
» of electrical parameters of lines
» electromagnetic fields in vicinity of overhead power transmission lines