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Slovakia – Ground wires

Installing ground wires – with the power still on

SAG Elektrovod was commissioned to dismantle a 20-kilometer ground wire of a 400 kV line and replace it with a new combined fiber-optic cable with 24 fiber bundles.

Slovakia - Substation in Tornal’a

A bundle of energy

The photovoltaic facility in Tornal'a consists of three independent solar power plants. They are all connected through a joint substation - thanks to SAG Elektrovod.

Czech Republic - Power supply Brno

An electrified city

In order to ensure power supply to the Czech city Brno, SAG Elektrovod installed a new 110 kV line - in a central duct running 35 meters below the city.

Slovakia – Substation Košice

Extra-high Voltage

In only eleven month the SAG implemented a 12 kilometer extra-high voltage line, 47 steel masts and the reconstruction of a 400-kV substation – and at the same time secured the energy supply for East Slovakia.

Slovakia – Transmission network in the Great Fatra

Maximum voltage at breathtaking heights

SAG Elektrovod replaced 30-year-old conductors-insulators in the rough terrain of the Great Fatra.

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Your partner in the energy segment

SPIE Elektrovod, a. s., is a successor of the company Elektrovod Holding, an open joint-stock company with a tradition of more than 60 years. Our mission within the integrated European market and the ongoing business globalization process is to be a reliable, stable and competitive supplier operating in the energy segment.

Our priority is to provide complex services of a high quality, relying on a professional approach, long-term tradition and orientation towards customers in order to find prompt and flexible solutions for meeting their demands and needs.



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